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Lemon pie

Lemon pie: Soft and delicious lemon pie topped with strawberries


-a shortcrust pastry base
-lemon pastry dough thawed for one hour
-strawberries to garnish the pie


Spray the edge and the bottom of a 30x40 cm baking pan with non-stick cooking spray. Lay the base down and then spread out the lemon pastry dough with a spatula.
Bake it at 150° C for approximately 30 minutes.


Sprinkle the pie with confectioner’s sugar and garnish it with lemon slices and strawberries.


pizza with fresh tomatoes, tuna, olives and “stracchino” (2)

A tasty pizza with fresh tomatoes, tuna, olives and “stracchino” soft cheese
Pizza with tomato, tuna, olive oil and “stracchino” soft cheese


-one “Genovese” base for pizza
-chopped tomatoes
-canned tuna in olive oil
-pitted green olives
-“stracchino” soft cheese



Let the base thaw for 3 hours at +4 °C. Roll it out over a 60x40 cm baking tray which had been previously oiled, sprinkle it with salt water and a copious amount of extra virgin olive oil. Poke dimples into the surface of the base with your fingertips. 
Leave the base to rise for 90 minutes at about 28 °C. 
Remove the excess water from chopped tomatoes, then dress them with oil, salt, pepper and oregano. Spread the dressed chopped tomatoes on the base. Bake it at 185 °C for approximately 20 minutes with 10 seconds of steam.
Take the pizza out of the oven and season it with pitted green olives, “stracchino” cheese, drained tuna and scatter fresh basil leaves on the top.


La Matteo in presenza alla fiera di riferimento per il mercato food.

Pancrok (2)

Fresh onion bread with tasty crispy bacon and chicken breast


  • grilled chicken breast

  • fresh onion bread

  • grilled crispy bacon

  • iceberg lettuce

  • mayonnaise



Cut the fresh onion bread, spread the mayonnaise on it and then dress it with iceberg lettuce, grilled chicken breast strips and crispy bacon.




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